Where to grab best deals on Havlox pumps online

Where to grab best deals on Havlox pumps online | Pumpkart.comIf we count the modern day inventions then the list can go on and on. In this list, water pumps have a special place as it has helped the people to enjoy pressurized and constant water supply whenever they want. At this moment, there are various brands in the market which boast of being the best. But, unfortunately in reality these companies are all about false claims. But, if you really want to go for a genuine pump company then Havlox is the company that you should go for.

The company has a wide range of pumps and if you want to enjoy the best deals, make sure that you buy Havlox pumps online at pumpkart.com. At this portal, you get to choose from some of the leading pump brands under one roof. Now, if you are looking to make a smart choice for a Havlox pump then make sure you consider the following discussed pumps –

Havlox Pressure Booster Pump Mini jet (0.5HP) –

Havlox Pressure Booster Pump Mini jet (0.5HP) at best prices Online, India - Pumpkart.comWhen it comes to booster pumps, this is a cost-effective option. The system include – pressure switch, pressure gauge, a pump, NRV, pressure tank, 5 way connector and dry run protector. Probably one of the best attributes of the pump is that it can be easily installed and it also supports easy operation. The whole system has silent functioning, offer efficient functioning and bear a sturdy built.

Havlox-2000 Sewage Pump (2HP) –

Havlox-2000 Sewage Pump (2HP) at best prices Online, India - Pumpkart.comIt is a 2hp drainage pump which has the body made of cast iron and single channel cast iron is used for making impellers. Mechanical seal is made of silicon carbide. Being lightweight and compact size makes it easy to carry and install. The liquid temperature is of 60 degrees. The pump can be used in hotels, basements, sump areas and hospitals.

Havlox-3000 Sewage Pump-3PH (3HP) –

Havlox-3000 Sewage Pump-3PH (3HP) at best prices Online, India - Pumpkart.comThis pump has comes with 3hp power and has Class F. it is a three phase drainage pump along with a volt of 380 and a maximum flow of 420 lph. The pump enjoys a sturdy built as it is made using cast iron and cast iron is used for making impellers. The maximum head of the pump is 22 meter and it can be used at hospitals, basements and hotels.

Havlox-10000 Sewage Pump-3PH (10HP) –

Havlox-10000 Sewage Pump-3PH (10HP) at best prices Online, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump enjoys considerable demand as it comes with efficient functioning and strong built, it is also one of the best selling sewage pumps. The pump has 10 hp and the volt is 380. The maximum flow of the pump is 17000 and the maximum head is 55 meter. The pump has a weight of 163 kg. The pump is a smart choice for industrial use, domestic use, municipal and commercial use.

Havlox-7500 Sewage Pump-3PH (7.5HP) –

Havlox-7500 Sewage Pump-3PH (7.5HP) at best prices Online, India - Pumpkart.comIf you are looking to buy a reliable and efficient drainage pump then this is the unit that you should go for. There are so many factors that justifies that it is a smart sewage pump. The body of the pump is made of cast iron and impeller is made of cast iron. The maximum flow is 105000 lph and maximum head is 30 meter. The outlet is of 4 inch.

So, make sure that you explore pumpkart.com for choosing a Havlox pump that suits your needs and requirements. When you shop here, you get to enjoy a wide variety of pumps to choose from, get to make payments using multiple methods, get your queries answered with well-versed customer support executives, etc.


Where to look for V-Guard pumps online

Where to look for V-Guard pumps online | Pumpkart.comA water pump is one of the necessary products in our daily lifestyle. The market is flooded with different brands which manufacture wide range of water pumps. With so many brands trying to exist, V-Guard has gone way ahead of the competition and earned a respectable position in the competitive market of water pumps. At present, the company manufacture a wide range of products which comprise of – voltage stabilizers, wires & cables, pumps, fans, mixer grinders, etc.

Make sure you grab attractive deals on V Guard pumps online at pumpkart.com. This is one stop shop for the best in water pumps and you will surely get the pump of your choice.

So, have a look at the best of V Guard water pumps and make your choice –

V-Guard Regenerative Self Priming Pump VSPS-H100 (0.5HP) –

V-Guard Regenerative Self Priming Pump VSPS-H100 (0.5HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump is an ideal choice for the handling of clear and cold fresh water which is free from abrasive particles. Being a feature rich pump, the pump can be used in different applications. The pump long life is assured with forged brass impeller. Aluminum extruded motor body makes the pump lightweight. With its compact size, the pump gets easily installed.

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-H100 (0.5HP) –

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-H100 (0.5HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump is capable of driving the water with a flow rate of 20 lpm (litre per minute). The pump has some of the best features which include – high quality alloy steel motor shaft, high quality mechanical seal, double sealed ball bearings with life lubrication qualities and strong built. The pump can be used in gardens, sprinkler systems and domestic applications.

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump VSPA-F150 (1HP) –

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump VSPA-F150 (1HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comWith its efficient functioning, this particular unit enjoys significant demand from the user-end. The pump can easily handle clear and cold fresh water which are free from aggressive particles. It is a self-prime type pump and it comes with a non-return valve. The lightweight of the pump makes it easier to maneuver the pump from one place to another.

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-F130 (1HP) –

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-F130 (1HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump has a strong built and self-priming features. The pump is known for its brilliant hydraulic performance along with higher operating efficiencies. The pump has forged brass/centrifugal radial flow type impellers and premium alloy steel motor shaft. The pump is ideal for gardens, farms and domestic usage.

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Revo-F150 (1HP) –

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Revo-F150 (1HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump come loaded with so many features which help the pump to function efficiently. The pump has aluminum motor body for better heat dissipation. Forged brass impeller ensure long life of the pump. It has (totally enclosed fan cooled) TEFC type induction motor. With Thermal Overload Protection, the pump has protection against coil burnout.

So, enjoy attractive price deals when you buy from pumpkart.com. In addition to buying your favorite V Guard pump online, you also get to prompt customer support, different payment methods, extensive variety, etc.

Diwali Offers – Buy Three Phase Openwell Submersible Monoblock Pumps Online

Diwali Offers  - Buy Three Phase Openwell Submersible Monoblock Pumps Online | Pumpkart.comCelebrate this Diwali joyfully and enjoy countless deals and offers on pumpkart.com! Avail up to 22 % off on three phase openwell submersible monoblock pumps of trustworthy manufacturers. Read below further to get more info about these units.

The festival season has already begun with a shopping spree and a happiness is everywhere! I am sure, you all must be thinking of to have everything new in your home and business sites. Replace your old water pump with a new one this Diwali and multiply the joy of the festivity!

Check Out Pumpkart.Com For Record Breaking Offers On Three Phase Openwell Submersible Monoblock Pumps

Well! Pumpkart has made easy the water pumps’ shopping in India! It is very interesting portal with a wide range of mechanical and home utility products of the world famous brands. If the water table fluctuation is your main concern, you need a three phase openwell submersible monoblock pump to apply within your drinking and industrial water supply line. However, this is the right time for shopping of these pumps at Pumpkart.com as the website is offering a plethora of great price deals with many other regular benefits to its buyers. Current offers which are explained below will also give you a chance to save extra bucks this Diwali!

Get 22% Off on Unnati Three Phase Open Well Pump HS-5.0/1/35 (5HP)

Get 22% Off on Unnati Three Phase Open Well Pump HS-5.0/1/35 (5HP) Water Pumps Online, India - Pumpkart.comShopping at pumpkart is not just easy but interesting too! The maximum retail price of Unnati Three Phase Open Well Pump HS-5.0/1/35 (5HP) is Rs.21,089.00. But if you buy it online at pumpkart.com, you will get a chance to save Rs.4,589.00! You can get this product for just Rs.16,500.00.

  • Motor: 5HP
  • Head Range: 5-42 M
  • Flow Range: 780-200 LPM

Get 22% Off on Lubi Three Phase Open Well Pump LHL-1 (3HP)

Get 22% Off on Lubi Three Phase Open Well Pump LHL-1 (3HP) Water Pumps Online, India - Pumpkart.comIf you require 3HP pump, check out this product. On the other hand, the Diwali great bonanza sale again gives you the chance to save a minimum 22% on Lubi Three Phase Open Well Pump LHL-1 (3HP)! It’s MRP is Rs.18, 500.00, but you can get it delivered at your door for Rs.14, 500.00 only with savings of Rs.4,000.00!

  • Motor: 3HP
  • Head Range: 16-26 M
  • Flow Range: 490-300 LPM

Get 16% Off on DMF Three Phase Open Well Pump DM221 (3HP)

Get 16% Off on DMF Three Phase Open Well Pump DM221 (3HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comYou can check this option, if needed 3HP openwell pump set! It’s maximum retail price is Rs.15, 950.00, but you can buy it for Rs.13, 398.00 on pumpkart.com. By availing this deal, you can get a chance to save minimum Rs.2, 500.00 with free home delivery pan India!

  • Motor: 3HP
  • Head Range: 24 M
  • Flow Range: 480 LPM

Get 25% Off on Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP)

Get 25% Off on Oswal Three Phase Open Well Pump OSWD-14 (2HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comIf you want to buy a 2HP three phase openwell pump, go for this option! You can save minimum Rs.3, 200.00 on its MRP with just paying Rs.9, 817.00.

  • Motor: 2HP
  • Head Range: 12-24 M
  • Flow Range: 465-210 LPM

20% Off on Silver Three Phase Open Well Pump M-26 (0.5HP)

20% Off on Silver Three Phase Open Well Pump M-26 (0.5HP) Water Pump Online, India - Pumpkart.comFor ½ HP pump buyer, this could be a good choice as it will give a chance to save minimum Rs.1, 900.00. You can buy this pump for Rs.8, 264.00 only!

  • Motor Power: 0.5HP
  • Head Range: 8-20 M
  • Flow Range: 175-75 LPM

Why These Pumps Are the Best Solutions

You need not to think much about their positioning and installment as they rest in the underneath of the well and water lubricated. They can withstand against voltage fluctuations and need three phase power supply to run frequently.

So hurry up friends! Grab the best deals on a pump unit of your choice. Also, additional discounts will be offered on a bulk orders. You may not believe, but many other record breaking demand products are also on sale at this site! Visit website to get incredible deals on amazing product.

Water Pump Dealers – Sell On Pumpkart.com

Water Pumps Dealers Online | Buy Water Pumps, India - Pumpkart.comRegister your water pump business online with best online selling platform and start promoting it from anywhere to the customers of pan India! Thousands of customers visit pumpkart.com to check out and buy trusted manufacturers water pumps online in India and it will offer you a great chance to reach out all of them at zero cost.

The days are gone when products selling and promotions were restricted to a limited area in a small locality, town and city. Now internet has revolutionized the ways of buying and selling the products and a number of online marketplaces are helping all dealers, distributors and other small vendors to expand their business reach in a wider area. If you are in the water pump business and associated with any trustworthy manufacturer, start selling your products online with Pumpkart.com, India’s leading online platform for water pumps. Add your products with all their technical info to showcase a high number of customers. It will help you to increase your exposure and number of orders with a small effort.

Adding your products online at pumpkart.com is easy. After registration, seller can add products with a few to display under different categories.

Main Categories For Adding Products at Pumpkart

Sell on Pumpkart | Sell your Water Pumps Online - Pumpkart.comRegister your business for free to showcase all the way through sell on pumpkart link! However, before start adding your products, pay out some time to learn about the terms and condition and main categories under which you can add your pumps. You can add your products under the categories like domestic pumps, submersible pumps, agriculture pumps, solar pumps, industrial pumps and many others. Plus, many other subcategories (like booster pumps, monoblock pumps, car washing pumps, drainage pumps, cooler pumps, hand pumps, jet, pumps, borewell pumps, openewell pumps, diesel pumps, waste water pumps and so on) will help you in quick listing.

Why Water Pump Dealers Love Pumpkart

Pumpkart.com is a fast & easy eCommerce platform that any water pump dealer can try for free! It has the all things that water pump dealers need to convince online buyers. Lots of dealers love it for wider reach and servicing pan India. It will also give you an access to high class logistic services and timely payment release etc.

Utmost use Of Pumpkart

Pumpkart help you in making savings on operational costs. It will handle all the customers’ queries and reduce order processing expenses. Whatever a customer’s order, it will appear directly into your order database. Pumpkart will work better if you add a high quality image of all added products with well described features and technical information. However, if you are offering discounts and special offers on your products or services, please define them well so that potential customers can get to know what actually they saving with shopping at Pumpkart.com!

How to install a water pump

How to install a water pump - Pumpkart.comWater pumps have become a key necessity nowadays. They are being used in various applications such as domestic, agriculture, commercial, industries, etc. Mainly a water pump is put into use for the displacement of water from one location to another. Water pumps are known to carry on their tasks efficiently, all they require is regular maintenance which helps them to enjoy long life.

In order to enjoy long life and efficient working, it is imperative that the pump is being rightly installed. Pumpkart.com is a famous online portal dedicated to water pumps and related accessories, here you can purchase branded water pumps and gain information about how to install a water pump.

Required Things –

  • Wire cutters
  • One-way valve
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Pipe wrench
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Pliers

Installation Instructions –

Now when you know the things that you need for installation, let us straightway get to the instructions that can help you in installing a water pump. Following are the instructions that should be followed –

  • You have to ensure that the water pump has to be positioned near the source of water. This will help in cutting down the suction life and allow the usage of long suction pipe, reduce friction and offer efficient functioning. Another thing that normally people tend to ignore is that the pump should have ample space around the pump. This will allow easy maintenance of the pump and air circulation as well that will further help in cooling off the motor.
  • The pump should have sturdy foundation as well. Make sure that the surface, on which the pump is being positioned, has to be leveled and flat. You have to take care that the foundation is not block the air flow that is required by the motor in order to stay cool.
  • You have to use less number of bends and various other fittings on both delivery & suction side that will reduce friction losses. The length of the suction pipe has to be short along with a long bend and there has to be adequate support for the pipe lines.

Things to be considered –

Before you actually start the pump, there are certain things that should be checked. Following are the things that should be considered –

  • The foundation bolts should be checked twice in order to be assured that they are properly tightened.
  • The gland has to be tightened properly at stuffing box position.
  • Both the delivery and suction pipe has to be filled with water.
  • Towards the delivery side, the valve has to be kept open.

Points to be considered while functioning –

  • Check for the leakage through the stuffing box.
  • Ball bearing should not get excessively hot.
  • Check whether the pump is functioning smoothly.

So to ensure correction installation of the pump, make sure that you have considered the above discussed information.

Water Pump Suppliers

Water Pump Suppliers Online, India - Pumpkart.comTo know about some famous water pump suppliers and their products read below! Most of the mentioned pump suppliers have listed their pumps online at Pumpkart.com along the features and discounted prices.

You could get confused when you go to the market and check out at thousands of pump units from different manufacturers. To solve your problem, we have made a list of most trustworthy manufacturers who keep updating their water pumps and many other products to fulfill the customers’ needs. All of them are selling their pumps online at pumpkart.com. It is a premier site which works to connect buyers and sellers of all kinds of water pumps and other mechanical products. You just place an online order for a desired pump unit, pumpkart will handle the pick and drop through an effective logistic services.

Key Suppliers At Pumpkart

Water Pumps Online | Buy Water Pumps India - Pumpkart.comLooking for a local or an international water pumps supplier, you will find all at a single platform that is pumpkart. Though we are not supporting or favouring any of them, but their pumps are liked by customers for their inherent features. We have highlighted some of the most trustworthy pumps suppliers below. There are many other emerging suppliers too.

Look no further, trust on these pump suppliers for getting small and big size centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, booster pumps, high pressure pumps, drainage pumps and many others at cost effective prices online at pumpkart.com. Famous manufacturers list include the names like Kirloskar Pumps, Crompton Greaves Pumps, Shakti, Oswal Lubi, KSB, Texmo, Ujala, V-Guard, Varuna, Wilo, Black & Decker, Blair, Bosch, CRI Etc. Other highly appreciable suppliers are 5GL, Anand, Angel, Arise, Atul, B-Power, Belco, Btali, Damon, Harsh, Havells Havlox, Homelite India Mark, Khaitan, Pluga, Point and many others. They are selling their products at wholesale prices. All these manufacturers provide high quality pumps as per customer demands online.

To find more info about the pumps of these manufacturers, visit pumpkart.com and place online order to get delivered at your doorstep. Beside pump manufacturers, dealers, distributors and other channel partners has also listed the pumps of these manufacturers to sell at wholesale prices. Pumpkart will deliver purchased pump to your location within 5-7days. Pumpkart is a user friendly website that lists all types of pump manufacturers.

Final Advice For Buyers

Different Types of water pumps Online, India | Pumpkart.comFinding a reliable pump unit is not difficult with pumpkart.com! Whenever you browse pumpkart, you will get a number of options listed under different categories from different suppliers. First of all, select the category as mentioned at the top of the website to get the access of all pumps under it. Depending on your requirements and preferred supplier choice, you can filter the pump units, in the next step.

Buy B-Power Water Pumps Online

Buy B-Power Water Pumps Online | Buy B-Power Submersible Pumps, India - Pumpkart.comB-Power is a popular brand of water pumps which has been appreciated among the customers in the recent years. Holding a wide range of water pumps, this brand is known for manufacturing and supplying submersible pumps to suit varied domestic and industry demands. At Pumpkart, you can buy B-Power water pumps at heavy discounts on the MRP’s. Let us find out which pumps do you have in B-Power agriculture pumps.

B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 54M/F-170 (1HP)

B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 54M/F-170 (1HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.comAlong with a vibration and noise free functioning, this B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 54M/F-170 (1HP) features a 1HP motor which is able to drag water with a flow rate of 50 litre per minute. The pump is lightweight and can be easily transferred from one place to another.  Possessing a maintenance free functioning and easy repair features, this pump is all that you need to have inside your abode.


•    Vibration and noise free functioning
•    No suction issues
•    Easily repairable
•    High efficiency with low power consumption
•    Made up of stainless steel
•    Maintenance free functioning
•    Corrosion resistant


•    Assist in farm irrigation
•    Small industries
•    Flats
•    Gardening
•    Government water supply system
•    Hospitals

B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 65M/F-210 (1.5HP)

B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 65M/F-210 (1.5HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.comEquipped with a robust construction and a high end motor, this  B-Power 4” Submersible Single Phase 65M/F-210 (1.5HP) is able to raise the flow rate of water upto 60 litre per minute. In addition, the pump has oil lubricated bearings which support high discharge and noiseless functioning. This pump is best intended to be used in small industries, gardening and other domestic purposes.


•    The pump is made up of stainless steel and contains lightweight
•    Oil filled
•    Can be repaired easily
•    Corrosion resistant
•    Low power consumption with high efficiency
•    No suction trouble
•    Noiseless and vibration free
•    It gives you maintenance free operation


•    Small industries
•    Hospitals
•    Flats
•    Gardening
•    Domestic level

B-Power Shallow Well Pump SW30M (1HP)

B-Power Shallow Well Pump SW30M (1HP) Online, India - Pumpkart.comHolding numerous features and easy to install apparatus, this B-Power Shallow Well Pump SW30M (1HP) features a powerful 1HP motor which is able to drag water with a flow rate of 9 litre per minute. Equipped with endless features, this pump possesses efficient functioning and aluminum pressure die cast body.


•    C.I. impeller
•    Self priming
•    Various tests ensure efficiency
•    Unique motor design capacitor
•    Feature loaded


•    Hotels
•    Nurseries
•    Flats
•    Gardens
•    Small industries

If you are looking to buy anyone of the above mentioned options, Pumpkart offers easy payment solutions such as COD and easy EMIs are available to support budget conscious customers. Everything can be bought right in the comfort of your home.