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Buy V-Guard water pumps online | Pumpkart.comYou don’t have to be an Einstein to think that if you want a product to last long, it has to be of good quality and has to be branded. When you purchase a branded product, you are expecting that the brand has used advanced and modern measures to manufacture the product and it has undergone various tests which will assure high-quality. This thing can be said for water pumps as well and V-Guard is a brand which is well-known for offering quality and high-performance water pumps.

Now you have a trusted brand, make a purchase at to enjoy cost-effective prices. In addition to affordable prices, there is a huge variety of other reputed brands and attractive discounts that you get to enjoy. V-Guard pumps are in great demand, so let us discuss best-selling pumps that will make your choice easier –

V-Guard 4″ Submersible Single Phase VBSO-FH325/21 (1.5HP)-

V-Guard 4" Submersible Single Phase VBSO-FH325/21 (1.5HP) Online - Pumpkart.comThis particular pump from V-Guard comes with a 1.5 motor that has a flow rate of 30 lpm (litre per minute). The rotor laminations has copper strips and they are placed on a stainless steel shaft. You don’t have to face priming and suction issues as the pump main functioning is beneath the water. It also has anti friction ball bearings with life lubrication.

V-Guard 3″ Submersible Single Phase VBS3-F170/13 (1HP) –

V-Guard 3" Submersible Single Phase VBS3-F170/13 (1HP) Online - Pumpkart.comThe pump comes with a wide variety of features and enjoy significant demand. The pump has anti-friction ball bearings with life lubrication. It is coupled with oil cooled, rewindable V-Guard induction motors. The body of the motor is made of stainless steel with anti-corrosive primer coating. In addition these, various other features comprise of – Class B insulation, impellers are of centrifugal radial flow type, easy installation, etc.

V-Guard 4″ Submersible Single Phase VBSO-F150/10 (1HP) –

V-Guard 4" Submersible Single Phase VBSO-F150/10 (1HP) Online - Pumpkart.comThis is a desired single phase submersible pump from the house of V-Guard. The pump has a stainless steel body which assure sturdiness, therefore offering long life. The pump is coupled to oil cooled, rewindable V-Guard induction motor. Other features of the pump include – Easy installation, efficient functioning, Class B type insulation, anti-Friction ball bearings with life lubrication, etc.

V-Guard Tubewell Submersible Pump Neon T0110 (1HP) –

V-Guard Tubewell Submersible Pump Neon T0110 (1HP) Online - Pumpkart.comThe pump is manufactured in a manner that it can easily handle cold water, free from chemically aggressive substances and abrasive particles. Rigid cast iron and aluminum is being used to manufacture the pump. Premium quality of alloy steel is used for making motor shaft. Impeller is also made of forged brass type. It also enjoys high operating efficiency and hydraulic performance. Probably, the best attribute of the pump is that it easily gets installed.

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-H80 (0.5HP) –

V-Guard Self Priming Monoblock Pump Nova-H80 (0.5HP) Online - Pumpkart.comWith Nova –H80, you can be rest assured of superior quality and high performance. With Thermal Overload Protector (TOP), the pump has apt protection against overloading. The pump is manufactured using quality raw materials which assure hassle-free functioning. It has lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around and compact shape makes it easy to install. The spare parts of the pump are easily available and it gets easily installed.

Above discussed are some of the best V-Guard pumps and you can purchase them at affordable prices at When you shop here, you get to enjoy single step checkout process, prompt customer support, extensive variety and attractive price range.