Where to buy Polar pumps online

Where to buy Polar pumps online | Pumpkart.comThe significance of having pressurized water supply cannot be ignored, owing to which you need to have a performance-based water pump. If you have plans to buy a water pump, it has to be ensured that it should be from a cherished brand. Talking of brands, Polar is one brand that has proved its name by offering the users with an extensive range of pumps which are famous for high-performance, sturdy built and longevity.

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Let us get to know more about the best pumps from Polar –

Polar 0.5 H.P Premium Model –

Polar 0.5 H.P Premium Model Online | Buy 0.5HP Polar Premium Model, India - Pumpkart.comPolar is a brand that can be trusted for premium quality and high performance. This particular model comes with double shield ball bearing, owing to which there is no requirement for external lubrication. It is also capable of enduring wide voltage fluctuations from 180-230v. The pump is fastened to TEFC, capacitor start and run motor along with Class B insulation.

Polar Premium Extrusion (0.5HP)

Polar Premium Extrusion (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Polar Premium Extrusion, India - Pumpkart.comThe pump is an ideal choice for domestic level and it aptly cater to domestic water requirements. The body is made with aluminum that offer impressive dissipation and resistance to corrosion. It also has double shielded ball bearing. The best thing about the pump is that it gets easily installed. Its lightweight and compact shape helps in easy maneuverability of the pump from one location to another. The pump is fitted with TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor, that offer protection from dust.

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.1HP) –

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.1HP) Online | Buy 1.1HP Polar Shallow Well Pump, India - Pumpkart.comThis pump is a desirable monoblock pump and with its long list of features, it is a unanimous choice for the buyers. It is a single stage pump which is really plays a key role in pumping clean water. The pump can restart on its own and known for offering utmost efficiency. With TOP (thermal overload protector), the pump has protection from sudden burning episode. Probably, one of the best features of the pump is that it has less maintenance.

Polar High Line Pump (0.5HP) –

Polar High Line Pump (0.5HP) Online | Buy 0.5HP Polar High Line Pump, India - Pumpkart.comIt is one of the best-selling monoblock pumps from the house of Oswal. The best thing about the pump is that it can be used for both domestic and agricultural use. With Thermal Overload Protector (TOP),

Polar Premium Extrusion (1HP) –

Polar Premium Extrusion (1HP) Online | Buy 1HP Polar Premium Extrusion, India - Pumpkart.comIf you are seeking the best then this is the right pump for you. The pump is powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled AC induction motor. The pump is capable of functioning for extended hours. The pump has vibration and noise free functioning.

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Where to buy Polar shallow well pumps online

polar shallow pumps online, India - Pumpkart.com

When it comes to buying a water pump for any purpose, the first thing that needs to be decided is the budget and the brand. When choosing the right brand it is very important to know the company’s credibility and position in the market. In the pumping industry, Polar is ranked as one of the best brands when it comes to water lifting. Staying ahead of the times, Polar is known for using the latest technology and hydraulic engineering expertise for manufacturing water lifting pumps. Durability, corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance cost, compact design, light-weight and heat-resistant structure make Polar pumps.

India’s largest online pump store Pumpkart.com houses a range of Polar water pumps in different categories namely monoblock, shallow well or open well and submersible. Get a huge range of Polar water pumps at great discounts only on Pumpkart.com that makes shopping for pumps a hassle-free process and has user-friendly payment options including cash on delivery.

Shallow well pumps

For pumping water that is situated less than 25 feet from the pump, shallow well pumps are used. These are mostly used for domestic purposes and this is usually attached to a pressure tank for lifting water to the households. Shallow well pumps come under the monoblock pump category and are the best water supply solution that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Polar shallow well pumps are one of the most-sought after water pumping solution for domestic purposes. Pumpkart provides all products with full technical details that give the consumers a fair idea on the right pump as per their requirement.

Best selling shallow well pumps

The shallow well pumps provided by Polar come in different horse powers and the same can be chosen according to requirement. Pumpkart has these pumps available in 1.1 HP and 1.5 HP and the higher the horse power, better is the flow rate.

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.1HP)

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.1HP) is a single stage domestic water pump that provides clean water for domestic usage. The pump is easy to install and has high power efficiency. Polar has designed this product using a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) that prevents overheating and burning of motor.  This pump is best for boosting water supply in urban and rural homes, small farms, buildings, lawns and gardens.

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.5HP)

Polar Shallow Well Pump (1.5HP) is a domestic jet pump that is used for pumping water from open wells and ground tanks. The product is manufactured with state-of-art technology and comes in a compact design that makes it rust-free.  It is ideal for supplying clean water to homes, gardens, hotels and small industries.

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